2017 Goals for Our Little Urban Homestead

Just like I did last year, I have some dreams, desires, and goals for my home this year. I’m not big on New Years resolutions. Written, realistic goals are different though, and not just for the beginning of the year. Writing something down, especially with a plan, is the best way to make it happen. These are my 2017 goals.

2017 goals for our little urban homestead--what are yours?

Some of my goals are dependent on financial capability, which means they’ll come second to our bigger, personal financial goals such as saving a six month emergency fund. There’s really just only so much one can realistically do in one year. Especially if that someone doesn’t make enough money to hire a bunch of people to do it all. (Let’s face it, most of us don’t, am I right?)

But my baby is turning one this spring. Mamas, you know what a little bit of mobility and independence brings. It has its own challenges, for sure. But the mobility and independence, within your own home, can be a huge blessing in being able to get some thingsĀ done. I’m really excited for it because my older son will also have a playmate; these boys adore each other. I’ve seen enough households with multiple children to know how much of a relief siblings can give a mother. Any mamas experience that, or is this just a pipe dream?

Trying to garden while pregnant or with a brand new infant last year was no joke. Almost my whole garden died around the time he was born and had to be replanted when I healed up enough to get out there. Canning was simply an overwhelming prospect, but with a view of my backyard from my kitchen to supervise the boys, I’m hoping it won’t be so intimidating this summer.

Alright, on to the goals.

The Big Goals


  • Paint–bathrooms and all upstairs, all downstairs.
  • Remodel kids’ bathroom–floors, vanity, toilet, mayyybbeeee tub
  • Recarpet upstairs–it’s such old, ugly carpet!


  • Build garden beds–we already have the lumber! I’m so excited for this!
  • Smother grass and put in wood chips or otherĀ substrate–my garden corner is going to be beautiful! And have a lot less weeds.
  • Put nice stone or brick borders on the flower/tree beds
  • Plant a medicinal herb garden–Not sure this will happen logistically speaking, but I hope it does

The Small(er) Goals

  • Learn to pressure can–I already have a friend who promised to teach me, and I’m hoping to do some tomato products this year.
  • Preserve and stock more foods–drying, freezing, canning, whatever.
  • Learn to crochet
  • Get more into herbal medicine
  • Do more DIY and homemade stuff–I loved all the stuff I learned to make this year!

How about you, dear reader? I know that every time I read these things before I had a house, I drooled a little for the days I would be able to try to tackle things like this. Home ownership, gardening, food preservation–it was a dream. Blogs like this were inspiring and gave me goals and dreams. And now that I have some of it, I see people who are farther along in their homesteading than I am and they inspire me too! Where are you on your journey, and where do you plant to take that journey in 2017?

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Lee is the owner and author of Our Little Urban Homestead. She's a wife, mother, and Christian and enjoys reading, gardening, medieval reenactment, and many other hobbies and interests.

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