Dreaming of the Garden

Every gardener needs to spend time dreaming of the garden. I really believe that now. Dream, plan, make goals. Make it beautiful and functional and as productive as you can in your imagination, and then bring your imagination to the reality. It can be a beautiful thing.

It’s what I’ve been doing.

Dreaming of the garden--even in the winter, you can be putting your plans in place

I have a view of my garden area from one of my dining room windows. I am so incredibly glad that I do. Anytime I’m imagining or considering something for my garden, I just look outside. Rain or shine, freezing or warm, little ones napping or clinging to me, all I have to do it step up the the window.

You may remember from one of my garden updates this passed year, I just did in ground beds. Dug out the grass, turned in some compost and fertilizer, and called it good. We just didn’t have the means to do raised beds, so I made do.

Problem was, the grass grew long over the edges, and when the squash vines started wandering out of the beds my husband stopped mowing around them, so it got even worse. Talk about a mess. I more or less gave up on weed control, too. It was just not a great set-up.

But this year will be different.

Dreaming about my garden

This is my house, courtesy of Google stalk–I mean, maps. This was taken either before we got it or in the very first weeks we had it, because we took out the little bushes along the front walkway within the first month in the house. I can’t see the car clear enough to know if it’s my hubby’s or not; the color is close enough that it could be.

Anyways. There are a LOT of really tall pine trees (or something coniferous along those lines) right behind our fence. Most of the yard gets a lot of shade as a result, but you can see that the side yard being used for the garden gets sun. Not only that, its in it’s own little section of yard that would have been used very little otherwise, so it’s more or less perfect.

Dreaming of the garden--plans for 2017

And now this is what I want to do to that little side yard. I’m going to position the three 4’x12′ raised beds so that there will be room for more beds in future years, if we decide to put more in. I mean really, the more you want to do for your family, the more growing space you need, right? The three that my hubby is building for me this year is going to give me 144 square feet of growing space.

Around the beds, I’m going to smother the grass and put down some sort of substrate (undecided as to what kind). That way we don’t have to mow around the beds or worry about a wandering squash vine. It will probably also reduce weeds.

I’m also looking at putting in a low fence, perhaps with an archway that I could grow a grapevine over, to separate the garden from the yard. How cute would a white little fence be? This little fence would serve a few purposes. One is to keep the little ones out when they’re not supposed to be in, since little hands are so quick to pluck off perfectly good but not-yet-ripe produce. Another is simply to keep the substrate in the garden separated from the lawn. Also, we may eventually get a dog–this time a less high-strung breed and not going through potty training and first trimester at the same time. Hopefully the fence would discourage the doggie from digging up my vegetables.

And how pretty could that be? A cute white fence, an archway with a grapevine growing over it, to enter a manicured vegetable garden. Maybe a birdbath is in the middle. My old pantry doors turned into trellises for some honeysuckle on either side of the gate. Seriously, how picturesque is that?

Man, am I dreaming. Dreaming of the garden. I’m so excited to see how it looks over the next couple of years.

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