DIY Beard Oil in Citrus Spice

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I teased everyone with a photo and basic recipe information on Pinterest and Instagram a little while ago, but today I want to share more about the beard oil I recently made for my brother.

Make your own DIY beard oil for a softer, less itchy, and yummy smelling beard! This one is a "citrus spice" scent.

My brother’s response when I gave it to him was a half-surprised, half excited “this is a thing?!” Yes, my friends, beard oil is a thing. The bearded hipsters have made it a thing, but anyone with a beard or whiskers can benefit from it.

It makes your scruff less tough.

It makes your stubble less trouble.

It softens your whiskers so you can kiss her.

Yes, those are my taglines to put on bottle labels. If you steal them and make lots of money selling beard products, I expect a cut. Ha.

Beard oil is simply oil meant to nourish and soften your facial hair and the skin underneath, usually in a manly scent. This is way better than Axe body spray, guys. Trust me. Your woman will want to kiss and caress that manliness of a beard. She’ll give you compliments and won’t constantly complain how scratchy it is to plant one on you.

Plus healthy hair will be less itchy for you and even perhaps help your beard grow in fuller, which I don’t think any man can sincerely complain about.

I checked back with my brother a few days after giving him the oil. He excitedly told me to touch his whiskers, which were smooth from three days of use. “Plus I smell good!”

The smell good part was honestly a relief to hear because I either didn’t have all the oils for or didn’t like all the combinations I found online. I didn’t want anything about the smell to say “floral” or “girly” to my brother, who is single and in his twenties and definitely wants to be attractive to the ladies. So I made up a scent combination, and I have apparently succeeded.

The main part of the beard oil is a carrier oil or two that is good for skin and hair. Its called a carrier oil because it “carries” the essential oils, diluting them for safe skin application. Simply using any of these carrier oils alone would be good for skin and hair too, but the essential oils pack an extra kick and a yummy smell.

Good carrier oils include:

The essential oils you choose are based on a combination of scents and benefits. For example, lavender is very soothing to skin but I think of lavender as a more “girly” scent, so if I were to put it in beard oil I’d make sure to use other scents to make it smell manly enough.

I really like many-smelling men, can you tell? When my husband gets out of the shower smelling clean and like Old Spice, or if he smells pleasantly musky from from work but not like he’s in need of a shower yet, I just want to smell him. Ha. Don’t you people pretend you aren’t the same.

For this particular scent, I used orange, grapefruit, and clove to make a “citrus spice” smell, which came out very well.

Essential oils for skin use should be around a 2-3% dilution. 12 drops in one ounce of a carrier is 2%. I originally did four drops of each oil, and then added a couple more of each of the citrus scents, bringing it to about 2.5%.

The final ingredient is a few drops (or one capsule) of vitamin E. Vitamin E is both a preservative and its very nourishing and healing for skin and hair. “Nourishing” may not sound manly, guys — except maybe steak? Steak is good — but when you aren’t itchy you’ll like the word a lot more.

The final recipe came out like this:

Drop the essential oils in a 1 ounce bottle (I use these), and then add the vitamin E. Fill the rest with almond oil. Cap, shake, label, and enjoy by rubbing it into the roots and skin of your facial hair daily.

Make your own DIY beard oil for a softer, less itchy, and yummy smelling beard! This one is a "citrus spice" scent.

Share your favorite manly scents in the comments!

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