I’m Bad With a Drill

I do a lot of how-to and informational posts, but there’s a person behind them. *Waves* Sometimes I don’t want to tell you all about gardening or write up a recipe. I just want to tell you about what’s going on in my life. And right now, it’s the sad acknowledgement that I’m bad with a drill.

To be fair, I really started getting comfortable with power tools this summer. My dad taught me how to use a circular saw and a jigsaw when we made my pantry. I knew how to use a drill long before that, but haven’t done so a lot.

We had a few sunny days recently, and I got to cutting boards and such for my garden beds. Seeds are going to be starting soon; I’d love to have soil warming up for them soon, too.

Now, the board cutting was a bit of an adventure. I may know the basics for using a saw, but diagnosing why it won’t cut more than an inch into the 2×10 board I need to cut was a bit beyond me. Thankfully I have a dad and a husband to help. Once that was out of the way, I was whipping out boards in no time.

So once you have the necessary parts, what do you do? You want to put them together, of course. So I started trying to.

I soon discovered that, even with the help of drilling a hole with a bit first–and making sure it went into the bottom board too–I just couldn’t get half the screws all the way in. The screws would get stuck and started stripping. And not in a way that would make me want to give them dollar bills. That’s no good.

I'm bad with a drill, so now I have screws sticking out of the unfinished side of a garden bed. This is me, people.

My husband is willing and able to assemble the beds for me. The trick is having him both healthy and available at the same time. Steven has been sick almost every day he’s had off of work since Christmas. Lame.

So I have one long side of a garden bed put together, but with half of the screws sticking as much as an inch or so out. It’s sitting in the grass in the yard, a few feet from where it’s home will be, and I can’t do anything with it now.

Because I’m bad with a drill.

And someone else is going to have to put these darn things together for me.

Maybe I should use nails? I can swing a hammer, and I don’t have to worry about some dents in the boards like I have to worry about dents in my walls. (Seriously, it’s inevitable if I hang a picture with a hammer. Command strips are my best friend. Failing that, I’m really careful to make sure any dents can be hidden by the picture in question.)

Yeah, maybe I’ll go buy some nails.

When it finally stops raining for days on end. Because this is the Pacific Northwest.

It’s always something, isn’t it?

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