October Garden Update

October is nearing its end. November is only a week away, Halloween is in six days, and everyone’s Halloween party is in the next few days. And with the end of the month comes my October garden update!


The harvest has been slim this month; I pulled up my carrots, which yielded a good dozen-ish. I’ve gotten a few spaghetti squash, which I plan to save seeds from. I dehydrated some jalapenos off of my plant, and I may get one last pumpkin and some broccoli. I’ve tried my hand at saving seeds from squash; more on that another time.

State of the Garden

My sad October garden--October garden update and what's next

My October garden is mostly retired now, though. I pulled up everything except my broccoli and one pumpkin plant in hopes that they’ll give me a final harvest. The makeshift wood lining on my in-ground beds has been removed so my husband can actually mow the grass around the beds finally. The compost pile is quite happy, having been piled high with the dead vegetable plants.

The beds are overgrown and everything is strewn with leaves and pine from a windstorm last week. It was supposed to be a huge storm because it had the remnants of a typhoon in it, and ended up being only inconvenient. I have huge pine trees behind my house, though, so an inconvenient windstorm means pine needs everywhere now. Anyways, the garden just looks sad now.

What’s Next

My husband bought the lumber for the raised garden beds. I’m going to have three lovely 4’x12’x20″ beds for next season. We’re counting on adding in some smaller beds in the future. I think roughly 150 square feet of vegetable growing space is ridiculously exciting. The idea of adding even more later makes me giddy. The lumber I used to line my garden beds this year is still mostly good, too, so I may use that to build another bed; it just won’t be as pretty.

As soon as my husband gets those beds built, the remaining plants are coming out whether I’ve gotten anything from them or not. We’ve had a first frost already, and it’s more or less the end of the growing season, which makes getting the raised beds priority.

Not much goes on in the garden from now until late winter/early spring when seeds get started, but I’m sure excited for this final addition!

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