Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest: Book Review

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I’m rather fond of this book, to be honest. Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest by Lorene Edwards Forkner was the first gardening book I purchased when I knew a house purchase, and therefore a garden, was in our foreseeable future. I was wandering Costco and saw it, so I just had to have it. Impulse purchase for the win!

Book review of Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest (If you live in the PNW and want to garden, buy this book!)

This book is written for those who live in western Oregon, western Washington (hello! That’s me!), and southwest British Columbia (eh?). We have a lot of maritime climate, along with mountains, foothills, rivers, and valleys. It creates a unique growing environment, made moderate by the ocean. We rarely have much freezing weather, especially below 20°F, and our summers are dry but not terribly long and only somewhat hot compared to the South or Midwest. And it rains all the time. Don’t forget that.

We’re just very moderate here. (Or very liberal! Ha.)

Not only is this book written specifically for this mild and drizzly corner of the country, it’s written in a format that helps an aspiring gardener know what to do for the garden every month. Yes, even the winter months! You can start planting or planning your garden any time of year with this book’s help.

It addresses great things like varieties that do especially well in a maritime environment with shorter summers, gardening year-round using season extension techniques (the best way to take advantage of our mild climate), how to create good compost, and much more.

The information contained in the book was valuable to me as I planned my first garden, and in deciding to grow it organically. Figuring out how to fertilize and control pests organically was no longer intimidating after reading this, and after I made that decision I haven’t looked back. My first garden this year is organic and I’ve been able to fertilize it, keep the slugs at bay, and kill an aphid infestation with organic resources.

You can purchase a copy of this book for yourself here:

While I haven’t read them, Timber Press (the publisher of this book) has books for other climate regions through America for you readers who aren’t located in the ever-green Pacific Northwest. If anyone reads or has read any of those, please leave a review in the comments!

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